The essence of my life is quiet hilarity.  I test the waters even though I know I can't swim. - Jocelyn McSayles



Pioneering the Dark Horse


Disarmed by the gallantry

Your smile, so enraptured me

Please, seam for all perpetuity your lovesome note in mine


Jocelyn McSayles

March 11, 2012


      Can’t focus, concentrate, breathe, deal.  My hands are likened to that of the dead, or dying, always cold, as if my body too has recognized that life is now impossible for me.  I uhm…

            It’s difficult to remember things, even things that are supposed to be important… those faces, I’m supposed to know those people but, I don’t care enough to even know myself, or what day of the week this is.  I can’t think, not of anything but the purpose, the reason behind my despondency:  my love isn’t here.

            Always alone, rejected, quiet.








Crookedly, I wrote upon my past, a bitter and hurt notion

That cried the two-part, too-long forgotten

Wail of unrequited love

A halfway trust, encroached upon by a doubt so fierce

It near-defeated a faith

Of a girl, a lady, young, doe-eyed

Misguided, and lied to and from by a so

Embittered casket of bubbling up thoughts of a surface

Buried deep in a wary restriction, fearless and forlorn

Until a hope, a truth has dawned


Jocelyn McSayles

August 10, 2011`



Wowed by the prospective

Feel of your lips, the sweetness

Of kisses between

Only ever grasping

As much before first notice of a strange sensation

Overwhelmed by the rapid beat, beating

Commanding my senses

Emotions so fleetin

And, I'm in love

Never do I want to lose your touch


By Jocelyn McSayles

July 21, 2011


Clair & Cliff II



Hey you,

I thought I wed this handsome,

Young man... a doctor

And I was right

The father of my five babies

Maybe we're in love

Blessed under the sun of a thousand days.


Beauty?  Excuse me but,

Are we experiencing a deluge,

Drenched by our ponderous,

pouring love?

Where does the beauty lie?

In my eyes?

In our hearts

Blossomed from the first arch of our romance

Into the celestial orbits

That's it, yes


I thought you might be the tether for me

Tying me to the earth dear.

You see, I never presumed to dream that I'd find such wonder in a man

Listen to these tunes


Watch the sway of my hips

Close your eyes, remember the

Taste of my kiss

The feel of my hands

When you hold me like this


How strong we both stand in this, sometimes twisted and dark society.  I believe we conquered anxiety with our restless romance.


I fell for you, upon first sight

You whisked me away that soft jazz night

In winter

And I loved you, forevermore


My heart's closed its door to anyone but you


Cliff, dear,

I cannot fathom how

You would not know my appreciation for you

My husband, my protector, my lover so true




The children and I aren't us without you.                                              Te amo


The tenderness with which we dance  in this life                                  (giggles)

Full of lyricism and instrumental highs                                                   Your lovesome voice sets me dreaming

I sigh                                                                                                              Ten years from this day, the children away

Because I am waltzing with your person                                                 Just you and I through the light of God's way

                                                                                                                        Cliff, I can't breathe. Hold me in your arms through the coming return

I'd demonstrate the needed passion state of my heart,                      of the King

But for the crowd                                                                                         Escort me into the essence of being

perhaps I could say this out loud                                                              In love      


                                                                                                       By Jocelyn McSayles     2/8/2012    (Read to Miles Davis' "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes")   


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My gift (graphite sketching)

My gift (graphite sketching)